City of Mountain View, Arkansas

"The Folk Music Capital of The World!"

City Departments

The City of Mountain View is divided in to 9 different departments, listed below.  Some departments have their own website or site page; click the department's name to visit their site.

  • City Administration
  • Streets
  • Sanitation
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Airport

The City of Mountain View, located in Stone County, operates on a mayoral system with six alderman serving as the city council. The mayor is responsible for directing the day-to-day operations of city government. The city council is the legislative body.

There are seven different departments of the city:

City Hall is the main office for all city operations. The mayor and city clerk/recorder offices are located at City Hall. Responsibilities include accounts payable for each department, city payroll, employee relations, ordinances and resolution recording and enforcement, and city council meeting agendas and minutes. (870-269-3804)

The Street Department is responsible for city street and road maintenance. The department will also pick up limbs and brush from citizens who call for this service. Street Department brush and limb pickup, call the City Yard at 269-4234 by the 3rd Monday of the month and your name will be placed on a list.  Brush and limb pickup begins the 3rd Monday of each month.  s. Once a year, the city holds a free curbside trash pickup for trash items not accepted in regular garbage pick up. (870-269-4234)

The Recreation Department operates under the supervision of the Recreation Committee, comprised of three members from the city council members and three members from the Stone county Quorum Court. The recreation department is responsible for the operations of the city swimming pool during the summer. (870-269-8400).

The Mountain View Fire Department is staffed solely by volunteers from the community who receive no compensation for their services. The city has two building facilities, one on the east side of town & one on the west. The volunteers respond to all fires, and vehicle accidents requiring special equipment. Our volunteers receive special training each year to learn new skills required to fulfill their responsibilities as fire fighters. (Emergency dial 911, all other related matters 870-269-3804)

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for the issuance of building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permits. They also issue sign and special permits for city residents and those wishing to connect to the Mountain View water system or install septic systems. The State Health Association has certain regulations that govern the installation and location of septic systems. To learn about the rules and regulations and or obtain a permit for installation of a system, contact the Health Department at (870-269-368).

The Sanitation Department is responsible for the collection of garbage, refuse and solid waste and the maintenance of the collection/disposal equipment. Service is provided weekly within the city boundaries. Several private individuals provide weekly trash/garbage pick up to specific areas not serviced by the city. (870-269-4234)

The Mountain View Police Force consists of a chief of police B.J. Day and eight officers who patrol the city 24 hours a day. The police department provides assistance with helping stranded motorists. The police department is located at the corner of Jefferson Street and Peabody Avenue, 1 block south of the courthouse square on Hwy 9. (870-269-4211 & Emergency 269-2911.)

The Water Department is responsible for providing a city water supply that is safe, clear and potable and for providing adequate system pressure to meet citizen and fire fighting needs. The department is also responsible for the sewage disposal system, sewage treatment plant operations, and rainwater runoff drain maintenance. (870-269-3293)

The city of Mountain View provides city water to four water associations outside the city limits. Hook up to city supplied water lines requires approval of the particular water association. The associations and the associated telephone number to call regarding possible hook ups are:

Richwoods Water Association – 870-269-4620

West Stone County Water Association – 870-363-4800

Pleasant Grove – 870-652-3385

Sylamore Valley Water Association – 870-585-2221

Mountain View Airport Wilcox memorial Field has a 4500 foot runway, terminal building and other facilities. The terminal offers a pilot’s lounge, showers, kitchen and a computer system that allows pilots to monitor weather conditions. A meeting room is available for public meetings with approval of the airport commission. Groups can arrange to use the facility by calling 870-269-3142.